1. Here Without You
2. Twilight Moon
3. Going Somewhere
4. Little Voices
5. Dreamer
6. Frosted
7. Life As You Know it
8. Groove 522
9. Crime Show
10. In My Pocket
11. Twilight Moon (Acoustic Version)

This is the tentative song list for the album. Audio snippets will be made avaiallble soon. This list is evolving and additional songs may appear on it. Please keep checking for the addition of the fan club registration page as we will be making special items avaialble to our registered "Soul Surfer"fan base.

The following are some liner notes that we have written to describe the songs. Bill has taken a first stab at this. Dave will be incorporating his thoughts on the songs as well. Where appropriate we will give you a rough idea of the writing and production style.

1. Here Without You OK we found the Mesa-Boogie setting on "Amplitube" I was feeling in a heavy mood one saturday morning. Gave Dave the title one liner and He took off from there. The solo's were on the 2nd pass & pretty much happy accidents. Ah, my strat & marshall. Dave sure does know how to make a drum kit sound huge...doesn't he.....

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