1. Here Without You
2. Twilight Moon
3. Going Somewhere
4. Little Voices
5. Dreamer
6. Frosted
7. Life As You Know it
8. Groove 522
9. Crime Show
10. In My Pocket
11. Twilight Moon (Acoustic Version)

This is the tentative song list for the album. Audio snippets will be made avaialable soon. This list is evoling and additional songs may appear on it. Please keep checking for the addition of the registration page as we will be making special items avaialble to our registered "Soul Surfer"fan base.
The writing and recording of all of our music takes place in our home studio and barn locations. The home studio is used for pretty much most of the writing and initial tracking.
Additional tracking takes place at what we affectionately call "The Barn". All live drums and most lead guitar parts are tracked there.

All of the tracks are recorded digitally direct to hard disk. We use a wide variety of microphones, traditional outboard gear, instruments, and software plug-ins to achieve our sound. All of the songs are typically tracked with guitar, vocals, keyboards, and sometimes a click track as the foundation. The rhythm section is done as a second step. This is a very unorthodox approach to tracking rock but hey who said we were normal!!! Because there are just two of us we are continually overdubbing. We have tried to present very live feel to the overall production.
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