So what is Soulstis? It is the collective dream of two individuals that met by chance. That's the best we can say. Hey we like how the name sounded and looked!!

Really though...both of us met by chance...both of us had both taken a hiatus from the music biz. One of us used to play out the other used to do studio work and play out.

The songwriting team that we have forged is very tight and complimentary.

The team combines musicianship, writing, and production skills as well as a keen eye on technology to tell the story..

Soulstis is being treated as an evolving entity in alot of different apsects. This includes the musicains. Soulstis is a core writing team consisting of:

Bill Ossowski (Bass, Drums Guitars)
Dave Pirrocco (Vocals, Keyboards, Engineer, Producer)

Being just an army of two has allowed us to write and record the material under our own terms. We are currently in the process of assembling the Soulstis live unit. This will be a team of band members that will compliment our writing style in order for us to play our material to an audience. 2005 JackedCat Productions Privacy Policy Terms Of Use