8/27/05 - Mixdown sessions are the prevalent theme right now. We have been in the process of tweaking existing mixes and finalizing the production elements of the songs that are making up our debut CD. This will lead into the final mastering sessions. At this point we are doing all of this on our own. We have been contemplating using a real mastering studio for these final stages. This will be determined once we have completed doing the mastering ourselves. I would defer again here to musical quality control being the ultimate driver of that decision. We have our own mastering capabilities so we are leaning on this but in the end our ears will be the judge.

We have also managed to start work on new material for as well. We have been getting very restless and have started to adopt things learned during the writing and recording sessions for our debut. Bill and I are writing in a much more rapid fashion. We are also introducing alot of instrument/sonic elements that we have been playing with as we progressed on the first sessions. Things such as new synths, drum gear, and recording gear are helping to shape our sound for our next outing. Kinda of weird to mention a next release when the debut is not our yet. Sorry to ramble about that but we are very excited with where things have been going........Dave


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