Soulstisvibe.com our website is launched!!! This fisrt version of the site gives you access to all news about us and our project. Future updates to the site will include more functionality and a unique interactive experience for our fan base.

Soulstis' debut album slated to be finished

We anticipate all recording to be completed for our first release at this time. Our dates keep slipping due to what we like to call music quality control.

While you Were Sleeping - Soulstis debut slated to be available
Our debut album is slated to available for purchase at numerous locations at this time. This date is not firmed up yet so please keep checking. We hope that this can actually be accomplished earlier.
We are currently in the process of wrapping up our debut album and website. The latter you are aware of since you are viewing this page!!!

With launching the site we will soon be launching a members only section (Soul Surfers) that will give you access to special content and releases.

The first release for this area is slated to be a song called "Dirty Secrets" This song is the first song that we wrote as a team and will not be on the album.

Please keep checking the site for the Soul Surfer Registration form. Once this is added and you register you will have access to the special Soul Surfers section!!!!
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