Song Notes by Bill

Here Without You OK we found the Mesa-Boogie setting on "Amplitube" I was feeling in a heavy mood one saturday morning. Gave Dave the title one liner and He took off from there. The solo's were on the 2nd pass & pretty much happy accidents. Ah, my strat & marshall. Dave sure does know how to make a drum kit sound huge...doesn't he.....
Twilight Moon A saturday morning stumbled upon chord progression. I called Dave up around 8 in the morning and played it over the phone to him. That night we had the arrrangement worked out and started recording it. Dave then went to town with finding keys & backround voices for it, the only problem was that I didin't like how I played the rhythm guitar part, so to Dave's dimay we re-recorded it. I'm sure that Dave would agree now that the end result speaks for itself & it was worth the trouble. My guitars were recorded using Amplitube entirely. Interesting note the amp settings I chose we're very noisy & would generate a signal level without even being plugged in....a ghost in the machine maybe???
Little Voices Partly an old chord progression I had since I was 16 & some lyrics Dave had for a while, added a chorus & outro and there it is.
Going Somwhere An accidental riff for the octave intro while warming up in Dave's basement.
Frosted Dave had the main chord progression& lyrics, I added the double stop parts & outro progression and we had another cool tune. A one off first take guitar solo... Dave chose the amp setting....a very fine setting indeed....
Life As You Know It Another trippy saturday morning chord progression I came up with. We worked out the arrangement, Dave added the keys, I added the guitar solo and there it is.
In My Pocket The inspiration for the music at the time of coming up with this piece of music was my son & daughter. Just thinking about them & how amazing chilhood & life is one sunday afternoon.
Dreamer Dave's idea for a cover tune. We both like Tommy Bolin stuff and it really turned out to be an excellent choice. For some reason this tune just busted my balls when it came to getting solo's for it.
Groove 522 Definitely an inspired groove from when I was watching an episode of the "Man Show" which was loaded with some hot honey's that night.
Crime Show Really just an idea for the two of us to just have fun, loosen up & play to see what happens.
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